A challenging puzzle game set in an escape room

    • You’ve applied for a new job, an amazing role as a game master at a brand new escape room. Alas, a mishap has trapped in the very room you’re supposed to run.
    • Can you get out before the vampires come?
    • Similar to a point-and-click adventure, with a strong emphasis on puzzles.
    • 2-4 players in cooperative multiplayer format. Solo play also works, but team play is encouraged. Technically there is not a player limit, but beyond four it gets busy.


  • Teams average around 90 minutes; highly experienced teams usually escape under 60 minutes. There is no game timer: players may take as long as they like, even leave and come back.
We will be opening July 2021 in the Ft Mohave / Bullhead City area. If you have never done an escape room, you are in for a treat. An escape room is more than just a game you play. At Long Gone Escapes, you ARE the game! If you are an experienced escape room escapee, get ready for one of the best experience in escape rooms.

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