Pirate’s Brig Room


Pirate’s Brig Escape Room Admission

Captain Redbeard has has locked you in the brig of his pirate ship for mutiny. To escape ye fate, ye must be quick and active. Hurry to avoid having to walk the plank or rot away in the dim and dank brig. A treasure there be, a treasure to find that you will want to see. You must first solve a few riddles that will take you near and pass a few obstacles without fear.

You’ll be with other lost souls if you fail, left to rot in this pirate ship jail.

Can you and your team find the treasure and escape before Captain Redbeard returns to make you walk the plank?

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We will be opening July 2021 in the Ft Mohave / Bullhead City area. If you have never done an escape room, you are in for a treat. An escape room is more than just a game you play. At Long Gone Escapes, you ARE the game! If you are an experienced escape room escapee, get ready for one of the best experience in escape rooms.

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